Q. What divisions are at The Oregon Lacrosse Classic?

2025/2026, 2023/2024, 2021/2022, JV & HS (Gold & Silver for all)

Middle School, High School Gold & Silver
We will accommodate all teams; if you are a grade based team please contact us and we will find the right fit for your team

DivisionCorrelates To...Grade June '17Rising Grade Sept. '17HS Graduation Year
Boys 2025/2026 GoldUSL Boys U-113-44-52025-2026
Boys 2025/2026 SilverUSL Boys U-113-44-52025-2026
Boys 2023/2024 GoldUSL Boys U-135-66-72023-2024
Boys 2023/2024 SilverUSL Boys U-135-66-72023-2024
Boys 2021/2022 GoldUSL Boys U-157-88-92021-2022
Boys 2021/2022 SilverUSL Boys U-157-88-92021-2022
Boys JV GoldJunior Varsity9-1010-112019-2020
Boys JV SilverJunior Varsity9-1010-112019-2020
Boys HS GoldHigh School9-1110-122018-2020
Boys HS SilverHigh School9-1110-122018-2020
Girls MS GoldMiddle School7-88-92021-2022
Girls MS SilverMiddle School5-66-72023-2024
Girls HS GoldHigh School9-1110-122018-2020
Girls HS SilverJunior Varsity9-1010-112019-2020

Q. What are the age requirements for The Oregon Lacrosse Classic?

HS Elite: This is a varsity level tournament. All players must be entering 9th through 12th grade in the 2016 Fall academic year.

No High School graduates are eligible.

JV: This is a junior varsity level tournament. All players must be entering 9th through 11th grade in the 2016 Fall academic year.

No rising seniors are eligible.

U15: All players must be 15 years old or younger on 8/31/2016.

U13: All players must be 13 years old or younger on 8/31/2016.

U11: All players must be 11 years old or younger on 8/31/2016.

Q. How do I register?

Only one person will register for an entire team and this person will serve as the main contact for all communication regarding the Oregon Lacrosse Classic. Individuals will not need to register but will need to complete the safety waiver in order to participate.


Registration questions/issues can be sent to

Q. Who do I contact with questions?

Please contact a Rhino staff member– or 315-692-4449.

Q. What is your refund policy?

Prior to June 1st, 2016, all refunds are subject to a $35 processing fee. After June 1st, 2016, all registration payments will be non-refundable unless a replacement team can be found. All refunded entry fees are subject to a $500 administrative fee.

Q. Where and when is check-in?

Team check-in will be located at the Rhino Headquarters tent which will open on Thursday, July 21st.

There is a Headquarters tent at each location and you should check-in at the location of your scheduled games.  All teams must be checked in one hour prior to their first game start time.

Q. Do you have medical supervision at the games? What is your injury procedure?

There is certified sports medicine staff on site during all games . Injuries are evaluated by the on-site staff and their emergency protocol is followed.

Q. Is there food available at the tournament?

Yes! There will be several food vendors selling a nice array of  food and drink options throughout the tournament.

Q. Is this tournament open to the public?

Yes! The tournament is open to the public.

Spectators please use caution. There are some dangers involved with being on the grounds during the tournament, make sure to follow the rules and signage for your safety.

Q. Will there be a tournament store?

Yes! The Rhino Shop will offer Rhino Gear and tournament apparel and other vendors will be on-site throughout The Oregon Lacrosse Classic.

If you would like to become a vendor at the OLC send us an email at for more details.

Q. What happens if there is bad weather?

In the interest of ensuring participant safety, the Oregon Lacrosse Classic reserves the right to postpone, cancel, or shorten games due to inclement weather, especially lightning.

You can find our policy and procedures by clinking the link below:

Hazardous Weather Policy & Procedures

There will be no partial refunds or full refunds due to unforeseeable weather circumstances

Q. How do I contact my son during the tournament?

Please take down the phone number of your son’s head coach so you can get a hold of them in case of an emergency. The on site OLC phone: TBD

Q. Do you have a Lost & Found?

If you’ve lost something during the tournament, please check with the Rhino Headquarters Tent at your respective venue. If you find belongings please bring them to the Rhino Headquarters at your respective venue.
Missing something after the tournament please contact us.

Q. How do I get to Big Sky Park?

Big Sky Park and Sports Complex
Bend, OR 97701
Click here for directions

Q. How do I get to Fraley Ranch?

Fraley Ranch & Polo Fields
60580 Gosney Rd, Bend, OR 97702
Click here for directions

Q. How far is Big Sky Park from downtown Bend?

Downtown Bend is less then 2 miles from the park.

Q. How far is Fraley Ranch from downtown Bend?

Downtown Bend is less then 8 miles from the park.

Q. Are pop up tents allowed at the venue?

Yes, pop up tents are allowed in the designated area only.

Q. Where can I park the car?

The main parking lot will be near the clubhouse and clearly marked. Parking at Big Sky Ranch will be tight. Please carpool if you can.  There will be overflow lots clearly marked with staff onsite to help you find a spot for the car. There should be ample parking available at Fraley Ranch.

Q. Will there be parking fees?

No parking fees at the Oregon Lacrosse Classic.

Q. Can I bring my dog?

Pets are allowed as long as they are on a leash. Please make sure to always pick up after your pet. Also, Big Sky park has an off the leash dog park on site so please feel free to utilize that as well.

Q. Are coolers and outside food/drink allowed?

Coolers are allowed and players are allowed to bring water, Gatorade, etc. to their
games. Alcohol is NOT allowed inside the tournament venues.